We are very excited to announce that on 27th August 2021 Trevor released his latest album, a soundtrack written for the dark fantasy horror, To Tokyo.

Influenced by the sounds of Japan, the film's score masterfully leads the viewer on a treacherous journey through remote and dramatic landscapes, as the lines between reality and the protagonist's dark imagination become blurred: in Tokyo she must conquer her demons.

"One of those rare lowish-budget, entirely off-radar British debuts that feels like a discovery." Mike McCahill, The Guardian.


Meet the director

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 11.28.35.png

Caspar seale-Jones

British-born Caspar Seale-Jones is a writer, director and illustrator who studied Animation in London and Live Action in LA and NY. Caspar has written, directed, storyboarded and animated multiple short live-actions and animations. One animation was used as an MTV ident and another was shown at Cannes. 

To Tokyo is Caspar's feature film debut. The film has enjoyed a very successful festival run screening in over twenty festivals around the world, winning numerous awards, including: 

Best Cinematography at Creation International Film Festival and Best Cinematography at Unrestricted View Film Festival, amongst many more..